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Do you have a unique condition or situation regarding your feet?

We Can Help!

We are the Pharmacists of the shoe business, and specialize in finding a solution that's right for you.

Right Shoes

We will properly fit you in a new pair of Shoes



We professionaly evaluate your needs

We will also

  • work with your doctor or therapist

  • help relieve your pain with the most effective pre-made supports & pads

  • provide educational seminars, in-services and clinical assistance


Modification &

We will make your existing shoes comfortable


Custom Shoes &

we design and make shoes and orthotics

We are a unique store that combines the most innovative footwear solutions and the best shoes from around the world.

Phone: (224) 475-0026  •  Fax: (224) 475-0026  •  E-mail: agonyofdefeetltd@sbcglobal.net